145.370 MHz  - PL 123.0 (KC9FNM) Madison, WI

*Connect to KC9FNM-L Echolink Node Number 549009 to access KC9FNM Repeater*

147.575 - PL 1230.0 (KC9QKI) McMurdo Station, Antarctica  
442.575 MHz + PL 123.0 (KC9FNM) Madison, WI

443.450 + PL 123.00 (K0VSC) St. Cloud, MN
443.500 MHz + PL 123.0 (K0VSC) Avon, MN

443.575 MHz + PL 123.0 (N9BDR) Baraboo, WI

443.725 MHz + PL 123.0 (N3IVK) Baraboo, WI

444.375 MHz + PL 123.0 (N9BDR) Madison, WI

444.575 MHz + PL 123.0 (KB9DRZ) Token Creek, WI


Special Event Repeaters

146.475 Rx 147.475 (Tx)  PL 123.0 (KC9QKI)




Document of Organization (Charter)

This Document of Organization supersedes in whole all previous versions.

Name: The name of this organization shall be Token Creek Amateur Radio Society (TCARS)

Purpose: The purpose of TCARS shall be to facilitate the proliferation of amateur radio in all aspects including newer technologies, as well as traditional ones. Our goal is to portray amateur radio in a true way that new comers will gravitate into the amateur radio service.

Membership: Membership shall be open to any person possessing an amateur radio license who actively supports TCARS's purpose as set forth in this document. We reserve the right to decline membership to anyone the members deem to not represent the goals and mission of this organization.

Officers: TCARS shall have six officers, a president, a vice president, a treasurer, a secretary, a public relations and safety officer. The positions of president and vice president, if permanently vacated, shall be filled through the membership. The members of the club shall appoint the treasurer. A member shall be designated as the Amateur Radio License Trustee. The Trustee shall establish and maintain an Amateur Radio Club Station for the exclusive use of the licensed members of TCARS, and shall carry out the duties designated by the Federal Communication Commission for the trustee of this station. In the event that the trustee can no longer perform the duties of Trustee, he shall designate another Society member who holds an amateur license to apply to the FCC to succeed him as trustee. The vice-president shall concur in the selection of this new Trustee. The treasurer shall keep and note of beverage level (both alcoholic and non- alcoholic) on hand before club meetings or shindigs. The treasurer shall let officers know if supply needs stocking. The treasurer shall also be in charge of club finances. The club secretary shall keep logs of events or meetings. The club secretary shall also verify in the meeting notes of the presentence of two sober club officers at the start of the meeting. The public relations officer shall be charged with answering all public statements or questions on club activities. The safety officer shall make sure all club events or meetings comply with some sort of safety standards.

Dues: TCARS shall not collect dues unless deemed absolutely necessary by the members for ongoing expenses required (both alcoholic and non- alcoholic) for the operation of the organization.

Meetings: All meetings of TCARS shall be informal and may be called at the discretion of at least two officers. Such meetings may take place, in person, over amateur radio or through other electronic communication means.

Use of Club Repeaters/Nodes: Any Ham/Member/Officer wishing to use TCARS's amateur radio repeaters, Internet gateway, etc. for transmitting purposes must have a amateur radio license. Members/Officers can approve requests to utilize the station's call sign for special operating events. A copy of the station log with operator’s signatures can be submitted to the Trustee for filing or to Secretary for sending a log file after an approved special operating event is concluded.

Minutes: the President at his/her discretion maintains Meeting minutes of TCARS.




Club Officers


President/Trustee: Alan J Romeis (KB9DRZ) General


Vice-President: Ralph J Pellegrini (N9BDR) Extra


Treasurer: Richard W Green (KC9FNM) General


Secretary: Tony L Abfalter (K0VSC) General


Public Relations: Christopher D Tarr (W9JOL) General


Safety Officer: Matt T Orr (N3IVK) General


Hospitality Officer: Chuck Beyer (WG2A) Extra


Member: Kevin Kurt (Ham in Training)

Member: Heidi Nava (KC9KDA) Tech

Member: Justin Radtke (KC9IWG) General

Gun/Bird/Skunk Dog: Pepper (3rd Party Traffic)